Welcome to my website!

Update: 6/23/2011

The largest BrianAdler1 website change is happening today! Due to my very time consuming projects, like Revenge of the PC, Poison Studios, and Final Effort 2011, I have decided to make this site more like a blog and where you can find general information about my projects.

Unfortunately, this means no more pointless pages that I cannot regularly update. Well...that is mostly a good thing. If anything, it was a mistake to put things up there that I could not keep up with.

So, there will be only 7 pages to start. Those 7 pages will be the Home page (What you are looking at right now), the Revenge of the PC page, the Poison Studios page, the Final Effort 2011 page, the Links page, the Contact Me page, and of course, the About Me page.

I am sorry if this change disappoints anyone, but this will be much more manageable for me, so I will be able to update this site much more!

Have a great day.